ADA VOX, a San Antonio drag queen who has been singing her heart out on ABC's 2018 reboot of "American Idol." As a Semifinalist and Top 8 contestant, Her appearance marks a first for the TV competition show and she was one of the standouts from the audition rounds thanks to her performance of "House of the Rising Sun." When Katy Perry asked if she was going to take this competition seriously, Ada responded, "I'm not here to play with anybody. I'm here to chase my dreams and make them come true."

Ada Vox auditioned for American Idol back in 2013 when she was known as Adam Sanders. In one of his Season 12 performances, he got a standing ovation from three of the four judges with his rendition of Etta James's I'd Rather Go Blind. Despite this, he got eliminated after Hollywood week. After he appeared on Season 12 of American Idol, he started getting threats on social media. He revealed on this year's show right before his audition: 'People attacked my weight, my sexuality, telling me that I was horrible, that I sucked, that I don't deserve to be here, that I shouldn't be who I am. And I let it get to me in a wrong way. It killed me inside. It killed me inside almost as much as people were telling me that I should kill myself...I was contemplating lots of things that I shouldn't have.'

Adam did not let that deter him from his dream and when he heard the show was coming back to ABC this year, he decided to audition again as his alter ego Ada Vox. He said: 'I was an OK singer then - I was. But I'm a hundred times better now than I ever was then. I'm vocally better, I'm a better performer, I'm a better entertainer, I'm more prepared as an adult now to take on the challenges that come with a competition like this.'

Adam was born in San Antonio, Texas, and has worked at a seafood restaurant by day and drag queen by night. The 24-year-old is a University of Texas graduate and lists his influences as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle and more.

Ada has made history and is the first Drag Queen ever to make it all the way as American Idol's 2018 Top 8 finalists!

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